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About ... is the development arm of Software Antelope Ltd (a UK registered company). It is also a conventiently short domain name that we use for email addresses and staging customers site revisions before publication. SFSW is an acronym for Super Fast Site Works. We make websites that keep getting faster. can help your business get a project online.

Pages about stuff you may want to know.

Pages about stuff you may want to know.

How this site developed

The first stage was to create a site with a few pages that outlined the basic idea of selling software products. I was learning about marketing and preparing for an art exhibition plus provisioning two major clients. Next I thought of the tools on the design page and had some fun creating a style selector that changes the style of the site. What if customers could select their style, we could change how we work, the customer could be given a range of themes and dynamically change the look and feel of the site, before we publish, and this became exciting. What if I could make an agile service where a client could work with me directly and change far less, but due to the speed and organisation of our tools, we could deliver content to clients fast and make it run fast.

It is not a perfect framework, but we like it. It is not the only toolkit we have, we also offer other services but my focus is on agile development using the same software stack this site uses. And grow the framework with every client I find to work with. I have been writing software for clients for decades. I have been making websites for over 20 years. I love to stay current with the best software tools aexitnd am always learning.

Now I have found a better way to peel the onion and want to make it worth sharing with you.

Software Antelope Ltd is a software development company that specialises in delivering online experiences by working with artists, designers and developers.