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Agile Development

Our FAST sites are not just hosted on fast cloud servers, but using Agile principles we can progressively deliver your online content and improve it incrementally, in collaboration with you. This is based on a set of principles that have guided the software industry for over 20 years.

We specialise in delivering online functionality. We also deliver content websites and static sites but here we are discussing a more involved process, the development of your business idea as software wrapped in content that can be created and rendered FAST. We realise that your ideas will develop and change over time and we have designed a simple path to work with you to achive business objectives.

Agile Manifesto

We abide by agile principles while giving you a progressive and straight forward experience to maintain your online presentation on a predictable budget. If this turns out to not be enough to achive your goals, we could add booster packs - for example we could double the weekly allocation and negotiate an upgrade, if this becomes necessary. We respond to change, instead of following a plan.

How Agile Works for you

Agile enables us to delivery incrementally. We meet with you weekly (timeboxed to 15 minutes) to set goals for your next update, and then we deliver it in the next week (or longer if required). When it is ready, we publish it on your staging site. You signal if it requires revision and when you are ready to publish it, it is published instantly.

A typical use case could be the development of this site. It has undergone over 40 incremental revisions, additions to functionality and design updates at the time of writing. I have done this in my spare time over the past 5 weeks (I can see each commited stage of progress, I can review it, and learn from mistakes). It uses only 5 components. Of course when you are reading this, it may have evolved.