Social Networking in Business

So many people are now familiar with the great advances in social networking through Facebook with its huge international reach. Business development also benefits from social networking when it is intelligently implemented or engages personnel in the mission of the business. How?

Business is an interrelated collection of functions that make a profit. In software development there are many actions that do not directly feed into the bottom line, but are essential if the development is to be supportable or adoptable by others.

Functions that feed into other functions involve much communication. Recording this against a project makes more sense than keeping everything in email folders. Services, process and management that come together in a cost efficient and productive manner influence costs.

Social networking for business goes beyond using Twitter to link promote the flagship product. It goes beyond staff social activities. It goes into the territory of process, where the actions that matter need to be recorded so that costs are correctly assessed, and to create a foundation for business intelligence.

Open Source services for project management such as Confluence and Jira allow interaction at the process level. The day-today activities of developers are integrated via a system that publishes information for consumption by individuals, recording data against a task in a non-instrusive in-process manner.

The result of this is not only correctly assessed projects being completed on time, but an informational wiki that documents process along the way. When working on a software project, it is more than essential that this activity be a part of the process at all stages. Writing user-guides documentation at the end of a project is not all that is required and so often appears to be an afterthought.

Business using intelligent, integrated CMS products build intellectual capital.