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Using Twitter to Generate

This entry started life as a Tweet on Twitter.

Using Twitter to generate ideas and content, then exploding them up to an article on a blog is a useful business medium. It has immediacy and followup. A good momentary idea can be exploited and expanded into a useful article or business document. And if you forget it, it just remains as a brief statement.

Behind Social Media

The “drivers” behind the extraordinary rise of social media include cost (lack of) and traffic jams (avoiding). It is easy to form a party using Facebook, so long as you do not invite a bunch of strangers to your account (fans!).

But when you use it for what it is intended, it does spell the death of another “profession”. It is not just replacing the news media, it is replacing the need for IP distribution. All you need is a willing network.

How are you putting your business online? How are you building contact?

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