Ordering a website

These days building a basic website is easy. Making it useful is another matter entirely.

Websites have evolved into an essential tool for business communications, providing online methods for delivery and publication that are instant and cost free. Our research and experience shows there is no one solution that fits all circumstances.

Starfish Software works with smaller businesses, associations, artists and those with social concerns to provide a progressive service.

Start small, and keep building. Order what you need and we will build it for you.

A typical site build includes:

a) discussion
b) design
c) implementation, cloud hosting
d) add on modules
e) marketing / social networking

We look at it differently. Your requirements will change. Your design may require updating. You may have more visitors. You may require new functionality. Website “rewrites” were an expensive and risky way to proceed in the past.

Now we can work with you incrementally. Bespoke websites that are updates efficiently and extended easily make more sense in today’s responsive online world.