Due to unique deals available to me I can offer the following NZ Dollar only prices via PAYPAL

NZD$75 Domain per annum
NZD$300 Domain 5 year renewal or 5 domains per annum
NZD$500 Domain 10 year renewal or 10 domains per annum

that is yourdomain.domain per annum and it includes .com, .org and .net as well as or


A generous allocation before any additional charges kick in but load balanced shared load hosting would be advised and costed the first time you reach your expected bandwidth level. Although this level of traffic may be possible with shared hosting most of your customers during your peak times would not agree – we would advise load balanced on demand dynamic hosting in such circumstances.

Regular full featured hosting (lots of packages available)
$NZD275/2 years
one $FREE WordPress Install
one $FREE Drupal Install

$NZD250 per year (2GB per month transfer, 500MB disk allocation, database)
$NZD25 WordPress Install
$NZD75 Drupal Install (multisite add NZD$25 per order of 1 to 5 sites at the sane time on this domain (i.e. another domain can forward to

Consulting and other services

Post installation support services are free for the first year, however new development and other services such as bespoke software development are charged for on an hourly rate or as quoted.  Hourly rate is $125/hr for all consultancy services.