Social concerns

Running protest sites for valid social concerns is an important part of democratic expression. We wish to encourage it.

We believe that independent voices are important in a democracy. Using proven social networking methods built into our user updated content management sites we can provide hosting, mailing list and other guidance services for your effective legitimate protest campaign.

And our terms and conditions are simple, direct and enables you to run a community site or publish a blog. We do not necessarily agree with all points of view expressed by our clients. That is the nature of user driven content.

One of our projects is established by educational campaigner Leila Galloway who championed opposition to her local primary school becoming an academy. The site is a socially enabled WordPress site.

A limited number of subdomains are available to support your social network. Basic site template using WordPress or Drupal, one years hosting and use of a subdomain to produce content for a discounted price per annum.

subdomains available: – contact us to apply to run the CMS supported site opposing Government cuts – contact us to apply for this CMS supported site opposing University Fees – contact us for more info

subdomain taken up by those who oppose Lambeth Free School – check out

Platforms available:

Nothing illegal, no hate speech or spamming.