Scalability and Growth

If you are a small concern and want to shift a few widgets, then it makes sense to keep your costs minimalised. For this we have CMS sites into which you can cut and paste from product templates Paypal or Google checkout buttons. You can sell like a champion but your site is not configured to handle many visitors during one moment of time. Doing so would use available software resources so it is not considered scalable.

We also develop sites based on popular frameworks that can handle a transaction density or viewing audience in the millions. It is not priced or intended for small concerns. We use the ever more popular Codeigniter MVC framework to implement your idea and front end programming to make it instinctive.

Framework development is charged as a professional service on a daily rate basis. With it we can more rapidly build applications with agility, incorporate social networking hooks and make your designs come alive interactively. Famous social networking brands were not built overnight but they used the same design pattern approach that modern frameworks are based on.

You can not become a major on the web without the potential scalability provides: instant and unlimited growth multiplies tomorrows margins.