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Andrioid – removing a stubborn ap

I liked the fact I could use my favourite virus checker on Andriod – its fast and clean.  Perhaps something was wrong with the install but it ended up failing by expiring before its free period and leaving me exposed.   It had expired but to renew the licence I had to login – and could not work out my username and password.  So I had no choice but to remove it and start again – and decided to find a more successful ap.  But then I could not remove the current virus checker and it was eating at power.

Here is how to remove the pesky application that you can not when using Android.

Using Twitter to Generate

This entry started life as a Tweet on Twitter.

Using Twitter to generate ideas and content, then exploding them up to an article on a blog is a useful business medium. It has immediacy and followup. A good momentary idea can be exploited and expanded into a useful article or business document. And if you forget it, it just remains as a brief statement.

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