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The New Rules

SEO Seems to have changed, at Google at least after the launch of the Panda Project that has seem some websites lose their puffed up audience while others that have higher quality survive.

Since the initial launch of Google’s Panda update in 2011, the “Q” word has become commonplace in SEO, copywriting and content marketing circles. We should have been paying attention to quality from the beginning (who wants to be known for publishing junk?). Now, more than ever, it appears Google is looking to our visitors to judge whether our site’s pages are worthy of rankings.

Social Media

Using Social Media as a replacement for advertising and publicity is a revolution away from the theatre of presentation (glossy advertising) to toward the conversations in the market place. The pinnacle of mass engagement is the irresistible viral. Viral marketing works when it is incidental. It is the opposite of the effort of “high value” glossy advertising.

More and more, digital agencies and businesses are focusing on the great success of engagement achieved in Social Media Marketing. But what are the principles of marketing using social media?