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Online Collaboration

Programmer and Designer

The designer may do a page design or outline the concept and prepare assets, design prerogatives for use as banners, footers, backgrounds, overall look or sound design. Or elements may be required to float into position or offer transitional states (metro tiles). Yesterday’s designs needed to be implicit, to get message across, “relevance” being the thing; today’s buzzwords include “responsive” and “adaptable”. If you can somehow add in “useful” and “necessary” you may be able to successfully complete the UX design puzzle.

There must be a direction of actions, a story, a tidal drag into a singular progression to draw your viewer along. From the point of view of the viewer however, usually one or two views are briefly scanned. This is a multidimensional grab. A complex interaction or a range of interactions may occur. If this grasping of attention develops into interest, then you can present a continual story. This introduces failure points.

What if there is no such thing as a conventional failure point? Every point is a success. Even a failure to register is a success – hey they returned didn’t they? Why the same old sauce? Being adaptable means being able to carry new content quickly and accurately without it being a bother. Being vital and urgent means being well written and timely. Being interesting is having something to say. And these days being successful means having something to share.

Social Media

Using Social Media as a replacement for advertising and publicity is a revolution away from the theatre of presentation (glossy advertising) to toward the conversations in the market place. The pinnacle of mass engagement is the irresistible viral. Viral marketing works when it is incidental. It is the opposite of the effort of “high value” glossy advertising.

More and more, digital agencies and businesses are focusing on the great success of engagement achieved in Social Media Marketing. But what are the principles of marketing using social media?

WordPress threat

There is an international attack on WordPress sites. Do not worry, if you are hosted with, you are most likely already protected from this.

You may find your WordPress admin is not available – in which case contact us for assistance. We can allow specific locations (IP addresses) to administer your site, to find out your ip address, access and include the address (four digits separated by full stops) with your request and we will have things working normally quickly.

Arstecnica article

Rebuilding a site

An old version of a website many have many specific pages – when these are linked to as (for example) pagename.html – this makes changing the website difficult while maintaining a smooth change over for search engines.

It is better for SEO to use “meaningful” paths like rather than refer to specific pages:

The more pages with different content attached to them that cross reference or become targets for social sharing – the better. When using some site builders, or a single page approach with lots of subjects on it, then it is likely that links in will be concentrated to that page and that will limit the page rank for the site.

So the best practise is to plan ahead of development a basic set of departments:



that lead to the index (home) page in each – (or overridden during an upgrade).

Now, when you want to add subcategories – it is simple:


It is also easier to change the underlying website for an upgrade without losing your valuable links in, or your SEO marbles.

Window 8 upgrade

Windows 8 Pro upgrade on a Windows 7 laptop went smoothly, except one piece of software no longer works: Avid (film editing). It turns out this package was sold by Avid to Corel and they seem to not know if a Windows 8 upgrade will ever be available.

Asking Corel Support about this:

Question: Have upgraded my Windows 7 to Windows 8 and Avid no longer works. Is there any upgrade path now or in the future or do I need to buy another high quality video editing suite?

Support: Hi Nicholas.
You: Hello

Support: You can try the latest version of Pinnacle Studio which is version 16. Here’s the link for details.

You: is that as high quality as Avid? And does anyone there know if a Win8 upgrade for Avid will be available? I have projects in progress that I can not work on!

Support: Yes.
Support: That is the latest version.

You: Yes. but is an upgrade for Avid planned? I also use Corel Video Studio for minor projects,

Support: We have no updates yet if there will be an upgrade or latest version for AVID Studio.

The other thing that needs attention is ATI Catalyst – which is something to do with the display driver. Odd as that seems to work, however the sound channel control keeps losing the connection to a connected TV via HDMI which is a concern.

Other than that, the new version of Windows appears very stable and I do like the user interfaces (there are now two, Metro – sort of live preview tiles, and the regular desktop we have come to know and abuse by putting too many icons on it!)

Windows 8 is generally faster and appears problem free, except for (rare) software compatibility problems.

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