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Shopping Cart

sfsw can now offer Opencart installations, a very configurable opensource shopping cart solution. You can add unlimited products, setup paypal or other gateways, add products, categories and a whole lot more. Opencart is used by millions around the world to conduct ecommerce.

Order today, installation on a cloud server connected to your domain is £375/annum. Compare with our other packages.

Configuration, template design costs a bit extra, extension and additional module options are available by subscription service.

Next month it will be offered

The Heartbleed Bug

To fix the Heartbleed bug your server admin has to update their OpenSLL so it is not running popular OpenSSL versions 1.0.1 to 1.0.1f and recreate Private Keys then recreate new SSL certificates.

Technical information:

What to do:

The New Rules

SEO Seems to have changed, at Google at least after the launch of the Panda Project that has seem some websites lose their puffed up audience while others that have higher quality survive.

Since the initial launch of Google’s Panda update in 2011, the “Q” word has become commonplace in SEO, copywriting and content marketing circles. We should have been paying attention to quality from the beginning (who wants to be known for publishing junk?). Now, more than ever, it appears Google is looking to our visitors to judge whether our site’s pages are worthy of rankings.

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