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We can now offer another excellent e-commerce package on our standard hosting.  It is tied with CMS hosting using WordPress and Stripe (for safe online credit and debit card payments).


You will need CMS hosting, and an SSL certificate.

You will also need a Stripe Account (you need to establish this online and link it to your bank account to receive payments).

Example site

Have a look at for an example site using Open Source ecommerce package Woocommerce.  This is a remarkably straight forward and quick way to start selling online.

For more information see Hosting Options

The Heartbleed Bug

To fix the Heartbleed bug your server admin has to update their OpenSLL so it is not running popular OpenSSL versions 1.0.1 to 1.0.1f and recreate Private Keys then recreate new SSL certificates.

Technical information:

What to do:

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